Monday, 19 July 2010

All's change

Okay so Meredith changed her gorgeous blog background plus I had just made another new blog myself and enjoyed picking all the new elements. Anyway, I had the itches and changed the page- hope you like it! You can tell me if you don't, but I will find you and try to cry in front of you just to make you feel bad......;)


  1. Wha-? NO?! I'll cry FIRST! I LIKED those owls! Sniffle... :(

    Still, this will grow on me because that IS a rather elegant pattern you've got going on in the background there. :)

  2. Sorry Tony - I think I'm starting to decorate my blogs like I want my darn house to be like - they need to finish building it!!

  3. I was quite surprised when I dropped by Meredith's blog earlier today too. No tears necessary, not even crocodile ones. I love your poppies, they're beautiful :D

  4. I'll add my sniffle for the dear departed owls. But this would make for very elegant upholstery or wallpaper? Which is it to be? And WHEN is that house?

  5. Must admit I'd rather like the background as wallpaper too.

  6. Oh I want this as wallpaper in the hall, maybe in a pale green instead of cream. I'm not sure. And don't get me started on the when part of the house - arrrghhh! It's all taking far too long.

  7. This wallpaper would look lovely in pale green. I can't wait for them to finish up your house!

    That poppy photo is just gorgeous, Carrie, so elegant and classy. Love how the seed pod is *almost* bokeh-ing in the background. I think sometimes we need to change it up, to feel fresh and new again. You've done a fine job. :)

  8. Carrie girl !
    This is BEAUTIFUL !!! .. I love it and now I am thinking once again about changing mine (it isn't as scary as it used to be for me thankfully .. and Blogger has a few more templates .. phew !)
    I'm sorry I have fallen behind in commenting .. we have been so busy here and I am exhausted .. we had our future daughter-in-law visiting (the happy couple were in and out of the house and on the go !) .. we managed to finally make up our minds and buy a new vehicle .. scary business .. almost like buying a new house ! eeekkk ! LOL
    You sound good Carrie and soon you will be in your new little nest .. I am so looking forward to seeing pictures : ) .. hey .. I should have made this an e-mail ?? LOL
    Joy : )


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