Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No more owls

Thank you to the 8 people who took part in my poll. It has been decided my you that the owls are gone and Grow Our Own is now offically grown up and trying to be more sophisicated. Hugs, I like the new look but didn't want to hurt any feelings. To the 2 who loved the owls best, sorry.... xxx


  1. I am wearing a black arm band for the late great owls. Sniffle... :(

  2. Oops - never spotted the poll (SORRY) but never mind the new look is great!

  3. Take that arm band off my friend - I have 1 happy owl just for you x

    GLA - Thank you, I needed a change xx

  4. Oh yeah, I see it! How cool is he? Thanks, Carrie! :)

  5. Sorry I missed your poll. I love the happy little owl. Can I share him?


I love to have visitors but LOVE it even more when they leave a little nugget of happiness behind in the form of a comment. I thank you for taking the time to send a little joy my way xx

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