Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bloomin' weather - grrr

I'm dying inside. It's raining again, hard and I have the worst headache but I am determined not to lie down as that's what I have mainly been up to this week so far - depression has knocked me for 6 recently. I really want to go out, to do something, maybe even visit the lottie alone for once in my life (it would certainly be quiet today with this heavy pour down). I. am. miserable. Where is the sun?? If I'm going to be stuck in the house by my own fear and depression at least let me look out onto a blue sky, with these attic windows the sky is all I ever see and it's mainly a very unattractive, framed view of grey/white.

So what shall I think about to cheer me up? Why the beautiful blooms and colours on my lotties. We were there last night and had a lovely dander and spoke to Bill for ages, but more on last night later.

These are just from all over the past weekend and they are doing a good job of making me smile, just a little....


  1. Gorgeous pics. They look so well together! Lauran x

  2. I missed your poll. The owls were good, but you are ready to move on. I read your title, and wondered why you were growling, if the weather was blooming ... How is your new house coming on? Moving date??

  3. Thank you Lauran xxxxx

    Diana - You can take the owl now problems - enjoy him! The house is going okay but we still have no date and our mortgage offer is going to run out soon - best not talking about it at the moment! xxx

  4. Hi Carrie, wonderful photos, I hope it stops raining soon!

  5. I liked the owls but, on balance, this is more soigneƩ and fitting.
    I think it is like the wallpaper in one of the more tasteful salons in the palace of a stern (but just) Eastern potentate. He also has bushy whiskers, many beautiful wives and a peculiarly handsome pair of purple satin shoes with curly toes.

    Or maybe not...

  6. I don't know how far from South Queensferry you live, but I will be there on Friday for a short while. Perhaps a smile from Matron would help?

  7. Carrie,
    Those pics are absolutely stunning the way you have put them together like that. If I had a print of that on my wall it would make me smile every day!

    xx Gina

  8. I, too, managed to miss the poll. Oops! But I am enjoying the owl's reincarnation in the sidebar. Very cute. :)

    I was complaining to my grandfather about the weather once, and how it was messing up my plans. He looked at me a long time and then said, "You know what the farmers in North Georgia say about the weather; don't you?" And I said no, what. And he answered, "We take it when it comes." He is very Zen like that -- without even knowing what the word "zen" means -- just from farming for 50 years. I, on the other hand, want it like I want it when I want it, so I can totally understand your frustration, dear Carrie. I can also understand why those photos would give you a smile. Or two, or three. :D They are lovely!

    The clouds are bound to lift soon, surely...

  9. The photos are looking great, even if the weather is not ideal! They brightened my day - a feat from so far away! Loving the background on the site too by the way. Hope you are all well :) xo

  10. Carrie, I sincerely hope it stops raining outside and inside very soon for you. Still, you're right, those are beautiful photos. I sure do need a burst of colour right about now too. :)

  11. It isn't raining (yet) today just dull. Thank you for all the kind comments, you are all helping me through this rough patch and I thank you wholeheartedly (even you J A-S; what was all that about you eejit!).
    I am glad you too liked the cheery collage. x


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