Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We be jammin'

Okay first off I just want to say I have had the crappiest past couple of days and feel exhausted. I don't want everyone thinking I can keep up that happy, emotionally stable sense of being I had last post, all the time. No one can and although it was a fab night, it has been rather hellish since. I have been terrified to go outside, very anxious all the time and quite severely depressed.

However writing and taking photographs are my ways of coping in a healthy way and thus here I am today again. Well actually this is a mixture of 3 days of blogging in my head.

All the Stawberries are ripening at an incredible rate over the past week and with out a freezer the best we can do is make a lot of compotes. Jars and jars of the stuff - it's a little bit sickening, the amount I've been eating but I am not complaining - it tastes amazing!!!

So here were are with a new for us way to make strawberry jam, this time with jam making sugar and just doing exactly what it said on the back of the packet. We usually have normal castor sugar and the pectin would come from lemons, but a change is as good as a rest - or so they say.

I really do quite love this series of photos and they make my mouth water but oh my goodness can I anymore today??  hahaha.

I'm not going in insult your intelligence with the 'removal of foam' or sterilising jars and turning them upside down to set.. you know that all already don't you. Just want to encourage you to make some of your own and please, do get a jar funnel (we have yet too) it will make filling those jars so much easier.

Just remembered they don't have labels yet - eekk.  Does that means I'm not the perfect domestic goddness after all?

The raspberries are now all ripening at the same time - eek! Again I am not complaining but gluts can be overwhelming, don't you think?


  1. Hi Carrie - yes I was jamming too last night - and I liked it...


  2. The funnel is good for popping soup into containers for the freezer too!

    Enjoy the jam - our strawberries are slowing down now.

  3. Yummy!!! I need to learn how to do this. I bet it would heavenly on some vanilla ice cream! Hope you are feeling better soon! HUGS!

  4. Can we make your mint tea, with fresh mint from the garden?

    (problems with blogger comment moderation, it says '0 Comments' on my blog, but if you ignore 0 and click, there they all are!)

  5. Actually, I wouldn't have thought of that extra stuff... you know, removing the foam, sterilising jars and turning 'em upside down... I'm not a very practical minded person I'm afraid. :P

    Man, it looks like you got a tonne of jam out of all of that! I'd be eating it for breakfast, lunch and tea. :)

    Hope the next few days are a little kinder to you and Andrew...

  6. You really wouldn't insult my intelligence, Carrie. I never learned how to do any of that stuff! I think it's amazing what you and your hubby are doing, and the result is so charming in photos.

    Hoping you feel better. Sometimes when we go way up, there is a corresponding dip way down before we stabilize a bit. (At least, that's how it goes for me.) More relaxed and enjoyable days are ahead for you, I'm sure, dear one. :) Namaste!

  7. Loving your jam, our strawbs don't get past Chloe normally, she picks them herself and stuffs them in her mouth, juice running down her chin. It's great to watch and the main reason I grow fruit and veg. We do have a funnel though and it will be out once the plums are ripe, we have a huge tree in the front garden that produces 100s of tiny plums, the jam tastes great!

  8. Oh how I love to hear from you all! Great to hear others making super tasty produce with their crops - eating straight from the plant is good too :)
    We seriously have so much here you are all welcome to come over!! xx

    Diana - fresh mint tea would be divine ;)

    I'm feeling better today think you for you kind words - love you!

  9. Yuuumy! I have got to learn to do this in the future! Those photos make my mouth water!

    You and hubby are chalked full of natural talents I envy you guys..

    You will feel better soon, brighter days are on the Horizon..


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