Friday, 9 July 2010

Plus to add the the fabulous news...

My Mamma G took on the Big C and today we found out she WON!
Really I could not be happier and tried to pick her up and swing her round but thaat didn't work, hahaha. Then I fell coming up the stairs cause I was dancing, hahahaha. I have the most stupid, inane grin on my face.
Horrah for Mamma G xxxx


  1. I'm hurrahing too!
    Good news.

  2. Not surprised that you are elated - really good news.

  3. I'm so lost. Who is the Big C?


  4. thanks guys x
    meredith - the big c is cancer.

  5. thats brilliant news, u must all be so relieved!!

    it must have been the week for it as i got the all clear after a biopsy this week too.

    never has a girl been so relieved to hear the words, "its just fatty tissue"!!!

  6. I'm glad Meredith had the guts to ask what the Big C was! I would've been too polite to ask! :P

    Congrats are in order methinks! And a round of ginger beer for all! :)


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