Monday, 2 August 2010

The Sun is shining

There is blue sky, I can hardly believe it but when I'm not looking at the screen in front of me my eyes drift up to the Velux window and yes, it's still there - all that blue! July was officially the dullest on record and boy did we all feel it, the oppressive, heavy clouds every single day and rain, oh rain all the time! But it's the 2nd of August and although it was nasty yesterday I'm thinking maybe someone has told Mother Nature that it's August and it's about time we had some bright skies.

I'm super excited about this as Andy is off on a weeks holiday. We are stay-cationing if that makes sense (we're not going away on holiday) so it couldn't be nice and blue at a better time :)

We had baked rhubarb, ginger and cardamon pods with cream last night for dessert (after a very healthy dinner of peas (frozen, but still ours) and mixed beans (broad and runner) and chorizo on toast - just before you call me a fatty). It was delicious and very tart and cleansing, plus there's more in the fridge - Happy Days all round.

Must dash, shower to have and then get my hubby out of bed and into the sunshine. Big hugs to you all xxxx


  1. Lucky you - sun and rhubarb tart! Cloudy here at the moment but yesterday was an OK day. Enjoy Andy's holiday

  2. How different your weather is from ours in Eat Anglia! We've been praying (pleading) for rain. We did get some on Friday which wetted the surface and washed away the dust.

    Have a great week's 'holiday'


  3. Hi Carrie

    Rhubarb - I'm missing you already...

    Round these parts a "staycation" is called "going to ourgate"



  4. Oh, Carrie, I'm so happy for you. Blue skies at last. And we are getting the rain we so desperately needed. Did you whisper to Mother Nature on our behalf? I left a message inside a cucumber flower, that you needed some sun and blue skies over there in Ireland -- and I think a bee must have picked it up and taken it express to Mother Nature's heart. :)

    I have no idea what rhubarb, ginger, and cardamom pods taste like, but cream makes everything pretty great, I think. ;) Enjoy a delightful break, my friend!

  5. And big hugs to you, Carrie. I hope you and hubby have an awesome time out there in the big blue! :)

  6. I hope that you're enjoying your week, whatever the weather! Flighty xx


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