Wednesday, 11 August 2010

the great onion challenge

So it all started when Bill grew some 'Kelsae' onion seeds and each participant was given 6 seedlings each, all from that one batch. They were planted and then the secrets began, the 'special' fertilisers that people won't share, the fleece to protect them, the placement of the seedlings and what soil they were put in and goodness knows - the type of persuasive loving chats that each person has with their potential winners?, I wouldn't be surprised.

Oh I love the camaraderie of it all, the sneeky glances and the questions over whether the prize should go to the biggest one, or the heaviest one. Do they need to be trimmed and tied up according to the RHS show rules and more importantly -WHO exactly is the judge going to be???

There are far more people involved in this challenge than I have photos for and you will notice I have taken the pictures from different angles and some are close ups - just so you can't tell for sure whose looks best.
The big day must be coming up soon but this is a boy's game and I'm just watching from the side lines (though of course I know where my loyalties lie, haha).

Any tips for making your onions big and heavy (without cheating!) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xx
Oh and the prize? some beer probably, a WEE CUP! and the knowledge amongst the lottie community that yes, you were the best in 2010!!


Our's (the best maybe, hehehe)

Stephen's ~ one of which is stuck in the yellow tube and is now a leek of sorts instead :)


Colin's (he has a cheeky hidden one too that is rather big)


News just in : there are 2 sections to this competition.
1- the biggest (weight) onion
2- the best pair (closest matching) out of the 6.

The competition is fierce my friends and I shall of course cover the big day for you. Including an interview with the winner perhaps!!


  1. How fun! I love the playful spirit of this post -- although I'm sure the men playing are mighty serious about their onions. :)

    Fingers crossed for Andy!

  2. Cool. I can't wait! Will the onions fight it out in a death cage too? I hope so... :)

  3. And they allowed you to photograph them? It's a wonder you weren't clapped in irons for espionage!

  4. I'm rather glad that I'm not into all the 'fun and games' of the biggest, heaviest or longest! Flighty xx

  5. Now you're just rubbing my nose in it ;). I would be happy with any of them! Of course I was always trying to grow pickling onions.....

  6. I can't grow onions for toffee. Yours look great. Need tips.

  7. If you are the judge, you cant choose Andrew... even though his the biggest and loveliest... haha.


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