Saturday, 21 August 2010

Benvarden part 2 (beautiful flowers)

Oh my Benvarden was a place you could easily spend all day in, or even better - wait the the owners are on holiday and 'move in' you know, not necessarily invited but you are tidy and things are just as they left them.....Ummmm I must think further on this. If  you are a member of the police force (you do a great job!) just ignore that; I'm joking, honest *nervous laughter*.

Anyway, back to my point - it is lovely; all these older gardens that are surrounded by walls and have rose gardens, a tennis court, a lean to greenhouse, a hiding sitting area with the oldest wisteria ever and a court yard (that just to have horses in it, but no longer). Oh it was lovely and there was more to come but really, it's 5 mins past 2 at night and I am not that sleepy strangely but Spinal Tap the Rockumentary is on and I've never seen it and Andy is yawning VERY loudly and I often think his mouth won't close again...

I have prepared another small collage that doesn't really do it justice but it might make you want to go and see it for yourself  ~ I should work for the NI tourist board :) I can not fault the place, though I didn't eat in the tea room which I always do and then give critic to friends (I find that finding nice places to eat on a day out is invaluable information) as I had been feeling rather sick - yes poor me and my dicky tum.

I do so hope this gets you through the weekend and I shall be back with a little more on the place, and hopefully news from the lottie AND if you are extra good children, I will tell you about Andrew's utterly brilliant designs for our new back garden - oh I am a tease!

Hugs xxxx


  1. I am trying to imagine what inspires Andrew most about garden design, is it going to be formal design, intricate, very detail, employing lot of circular and curve elements, is he going for vertical, let plants crawl on poles and walls... Hmmmm... you may be hinting something by mentioning about Andrew's loud yawning. Andrew may just design something wide and spacious, something that is peaceful, relaxing where one can breath cheerfully!!

    great weekend!

  2. Carrie I like your collage..and your since of humor.. You are such a hoot!

    I bet Andrew is going to design something fabulous! I can't wait to see it...

    Have a nice day"

  3. I can't wait! Why do I have to wait? Waiting's for losers! Awww man... :P

    Seriously though, I shall be back here with bells on! And that Spinal Tap mockumentary is one of my favouritest films ever. Excellent taste, ma'am.

  4. Longing to see your new back garden ... even just the plans ... the ideas ;>)


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