Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Reclaiming my Bloomin' Monday!

Well gosh darn it if the mind monster in my head didn't just steal another day from me. I am here (not at full power but getting there) to get it back! I am aware that it is Tuesday but this is my blog and here I make the rules. So today is Monday - I shall have my Monday with a side of 'happy', thank you very much Mr Monster.

As per usual I have a very beautiful bloom to share with you (which ironically may not have been this open and this gorgeous yesterday...). This little darling and her friends were found outside in a pot in Mamma G's garden. Just smiling away at the world and easily overlooked; with a bin in front of them poor dears.

Also whilst outside I was able to see the sun room window sill (it's so full in there with all Andrew and my sofas and furniture etc, that it is for the present, un-useable. Andrew, with his long legs and arms can reach all the way to this window from the inside (amazing what the body can do in extreme situations) and has these Spuds chitting away merrily. Of course they won't be planted until St Patrick's Day (as is tradition). Beside them in a very condensation filled covered tray I think there are Celeraic and happy news from the lottie yesterday ~ tiny specks of green in the Leek seed trays!! Yippeeeeee.

Andrew also planted some Tomato seeds, they're on a window sill too, I think it's the kitchen, can't think where else they could be.

Still have lots to tell about the lottie at the weekend. But for now a very big THANK YOU to everyone who wrote a comment yesterday. Reading them late last night honestly gave me a lot of hope and strength. I truly have the nicest followers in the world. I will get around to personal replies but forgive me, migraines are haunting me after yesterday and I can't stay on the computer long. Big HUGS xx


  1. oh its ages since I heard the term "spuds" - so many little words I no longer hear - they're called tatties over here Carrie.

    My mums garden is normally 6 weeks ahead of mine so yours will probably be the same over in wee Carrick. Lovely crocus flowers.

  2. Hi - soo nice to get your comment today - thankyou - glad to see you're feeling a bit better. I'm with you on the lets call Tuesday Monday ! - Sending you lots of positive wishes xx

  3. I'm so glad you got your bloom day back, Carrie! Those crocus are gorgeous; hard to imagine they're hidden behind a bin.

    I'm trying to get my seed potatoes to sprout now, too. Mine are not nearly so far along, unfortunately. Just today when talking with my grandfather, he suggested I stick them on the top of my fridge. Apparently, we don't keep our house hot enough for their taste. ;)

  4. The windowsills are filling up here too. There's seedlings all over the house. The crocus are gorgeous, what a shame to be hidden behind a bin.


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