Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Not just as terrible now Andy is here

Oh how I love my hubby. He bounded home and up the stairs with hugs galore and more seeds in his pocket. Of course he knew I had had another bad day and he had rung people on my behalf to complain at my treatment (my hero) but he also had a cheery smile and a homemade song to lift my spirits. He worries about me but he also makes sure to reassure me and just be by my side - I'm a lucky girl.

We've just had dinner and now he is outside/inside making lots of productive noise with his man toys (drills and what not); almost finished his fabulous new cold frame. Of which he is rightly proud. I shall take photos tomorrow and share his joy with you. It is a masterpiece.

I was thinking about just how much he adores gardening and the effort he puts into to all this; planning, researching, chatting with others at the lotties and looking. He is very good at the art of giving a garden a good looking at, haha.

Well here is a photo of Andrew and a pea.

All the magic of life on this Earth in his hand.

By the way, I hope my new background isn't too much, I just wanted cheering up earlier and I love these wee owls. xx


  1. I am beginning to like Andy too... ~bangchik

  2. hehe - hands off Bangchik, he's mine!! :)

  3. I like the owls - twit twoooooooo

    Rosie x

  4. I love owls. We have one in our backyard, a Great Horned Owl, who has a fabulous hoot. And who wouldn't be cheered by these cuties?

    Yay for Andy making you feel better, and with a homemade song, how romantic! (F. is a scientist, and I don't ever see him breaking out the song-writing skills, sadly. ;) Andy is so sweet, and that's a great black-&-white pic of his hand with the single seed. Very artistic!

  5. We need more Men in this world like Andrew..He is truly a blessing to you.

  6. I loved reading your post this morning - your husband sounds like a special man. Love the black and white picture - looks really good - Hope today is a good one - xx

  7. I hope the owls have cheered you up, they've certainly cheered me up. I'm looking forward to seeing the new coldframe.

  8. Love the b&w hand pic - they're proper gardeners hands.

  9. I like your photo and the sentiments shared along with it. Isn't it amazing how much power can spring forth from a tiny seed!! Warmest wishes to you Carrie, I hope that the sun warms your face and your spirit and that you enjoy some hand stitching/creating on this day xo

  10. My hubby sometimes suprises me with seeds or a plant for th garden too.
    My mum's favourite birds were owls ;0)

  11. Oh Andrew is very happy and shy about all the lovely comments. He especially likes the fact that his hands look like gardener's hands in my photo.
    Glad the owls have gone down okay, I love them, though never seen one up close, I doubt they are quite this colourful.
    Really, aren't seeds amazing!!!!
    Big hugs xx

  12. Hi Carrie

    Can you clone that lovely Andrew so I can have one for my daughter.

    I feel like the owls not sure which side bar to look at LOL!

  13. I love this photo of your hubby's hand holding the seed! It tells such a story!


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