Friday, 5 March 2010

I had a GOOD day.

Yep, me!! For the first time in ages I actually had a good day, isn't that fab?? The morning started off a bit crap but then, as Andrew was working near by (at Carrickfergus Castle) he came to Mamma G's and took me out to have lunch with him. We went to a lovely little place, a deli/coffee shop and chatted and looked at all the jams and chutneys for sale - inspiring! Outside it was a little cold but the sky was blue and the sea was lovely to look at (I could'nt live away from the sea, it's always been there right at the doorstep my whole life).

Andrew went back to work and I worked on a couple of guest bloggettes  for Mind and a new bag I am going to sew. But lo and behold, the phone rang and Andrew was coming home again!! He had been given the rest of the day off. the Lottie with us!!!!!

Finally, a day were the sun was shining and the ground was reasonably dry. I planted out the first crops - Broad beans ('Aquadulce Claudia') that had been in the cold frame. I have little cloches over them but they look happy, fingers crossed. The weather is supposed to be okay for a while, oh touch wood!! Then we made up our new, super duper tent coldframe/greenhouse where we hope to do great things with tomatoes and chillies. That's the idea anyway. It's so big I was inside it whilst we worked on getting it put together. Unfortunatley I didn't have a camera with me but I'll take pictures at the weekend.

The atmosphere was lovely and the birds were tweeting away merrily. We had a nice chat with some follow lottie folk and enjoyed the sunshine on our faces. The leeks Andrew sowed at the start of the week went into the new tent structure (no signs of green yet - I looked). And we looked in awe at how good the garlic is coming along and the fat buds on the spring bulbs we planted - daffodils and tulips ahoy.

Anyway, as I said I forgot my camera so here are a few from the weekend past. Hope you are having some workable weather! xxx

Anenomes still flowering!   We finally remembered to bring the garlic string home

My motto on the shed door
Cosy chat in with Bill
Doug and Jasmine have a hug on their plot
Quite scary though lying down on the job.


  1. Oh, Carrie, I *love* your motto. I'm so glad you got to get out to the lottie, yay! I can see how the combination of a wonderful lunch out, time in the garden, and a view of the sea -- and I'm jealous of that last one, it's been three years since I've visited the ocean -- would raise your spirits to paradise level. :)

    That scarecrow is a bit scary. ;)

  2. Hi Carrie - hurrah for good days - I've been planting broad beans too...enjoy the weekend. And where has Andrew found a boss who sends him home early? I want one...

  3. Isn't it amazing what sunshine can do for you? The good days are precious, aren't they? I'm sure the plants respond to light levels and day length too!

  4. That's good to hear! I love it when unexpected things happen! I also had a very good day, it was lovely and sunny here and I went for a walk with Miriam in a beautiful park with a lake - Johnny was totally gobsmacked when he heard, I am the laziest person ever when it comes to walking! Here's to a good sunny weekend too! Lxx

  5. What a lovely lively post, and it's good to see that you've been so busy!
    It's surprising what good weather and some time spent on the plot does to lift our spirits.
    Happy gardening! xx

  6. It makes such a difference when the sun shines, and also when you've got some good company to share your time with. Lucky Andrew getting some unexpected time off.

  7. What an uplifting post - love it :) the weather's been fab here too but it's windy and cold today, I'll still try and get out for a bit of work in the garden though. I haven't got anything going just yet but am enjoying clearing and planning :)


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