Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hello, my name is Andrew and, well,...

"...erm, I'm addicted to seeds..."
We have pretty much a 100% seed germination going on here, it is truly fabulous. In fact I worry, Andy has become a self confessed seed-aholic though I think acceptance is the first step towards recovery :) Look at his collection - and that's not all of it!!

You can't see the full depth of the 'problem' here but this is a pretty big box, deep too and it has been further bulked out since this photo was taken.There are 2 packets sitting beside me as I write and I dared to touch them last night -"I have a system!", eek. You see, Andy likes the odd gardening magazine (evil*) and they speak to him of such wonderful things to grow, they give free seeds often too and maybe the odd recipe - which looks fab. Then there is the gauntlet he must run from his office in Belfast to the sandwhich place - Pound shops and second hand books jump out at him showing off their wares (and at such good prices, oh my). How is a boy to resist???

On top of that, he is just plain in love with growing stuff, especially stuff you can eat. He loves to cook (and is darn good at it too, unlike me...), so these seeds = lovely, interesting dinners. I love him for loving gardening so much. Yes it can be annoying when we have 3 types of beetroot sprouting at the same time, but they are all different.

Well I decided at the start of this post that it was an intervention - saving himself from himself but really, now I think about it; it makes him happy and I do like baking and we did get lovely new books at christmas about perserving and pickling so.... :)

Here he is in his element, outdoors and in. Honey, you are a seed-aholic and I love you xx

*(the evilness of gardening magazines is still to be confirmed)


  1. You know what I also am a seedaholic, and I am sooooo impressed with Andrews perfect straight lines when he sows his seeds. Tell him I think he's great too. M x

  2. It all sounds pretty natural to me!
    We always have at least three varieties of everything!

  3. I thought that all gardeners are seedaholics, it's in the job description surely!
    It sounds like Andrew has really got that magic green fingered touch! Flighty xx

  4. Hey Carrie girl
    Just popped in on my way to bed .. I know .. SAD !! haha
    Funny enough the "seed" part of the garden me only whispers a bit of nonsense once in a while to buy seeds .. for flowers ... heaven forbid veggies .. it would be a sad day for those seeds ? haha
    Hope you are feeling not too bad ... and the weather is improving .. we had strange skies mid morning .. had to snap pictures of it all of course .. too cold to get in the garden .. but I think about it all the time .. I know .. another "SAD" !! haha

  5. Andrew you have an addiction that I need! LoL!
    I don't have enough! you are Carrie are so much fun to visit..Please tell Carrie I asked about her and hopes she is feeling fine.

  6. Oh I love the photo of your hubbie grinning like a happy little boy! :)


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