Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A great big bear hug of a thank you

I am feeling a good bit better today, lost the rest of Saturday, all Sunday and yesterday (bar a period between 7pm-1am where I was wide awake).  I have had little rest bites in which I read your comments and I must say - kindness heals, so many lovely people and some that I have never heard of before, giving me support and comfort. I thank you all.

So I shall have to ask Andy what happened this weekend at the lottie and what seeds he planted whilst I was in my stupor. I'm pretty sure I missed a lot! Plus I am writing this on my brand new super duper laptop onto which I haven't loaded the hardware for my camera or any old photos yet, eek! So I'm off to pilfer one from clip art that looks all spring like and lovely and between you and me, we'll pretend I took it down the allotment :)

my doesn't the lottie look big from this angle?? ;)

I hope you are all well and feeling happy. I am just so glad to have gotten over the 'blip' and to have the cold instead - give me a cough, sore throat, runny nose and temperture any day over that!! Hopefully I shall resume normal blogging activites tomorrow. Love and thanks to my readers xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. My goodness Andrew did a good job at the lottie looking like this ! LOL
    Glad you are feeling a bit brighter girl : )
    Meanwhile back at the farm .. the raccoon battle is on .. trap door set .. all eyes on the roof watching to see what may or may not happen ? In any case we know this company will evict the bad boarder ?? ;-)
    Get some rest .. drink hot lemon juice/water/shot of whiskey ?? haha

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better, and congratulations on your new super duper laptop!

  3. So wonderful to hear you're doing better, Carrie. May tomorrow be even lighter, as lovely as the crocus-and-mountains picture above, and full of joy!

  4. Nice to have you back Carrie.
    I'm sure you told Andy to plant white crocus...he'll just have to get out there and paint them all!

  5. Wow..the lottie does look big from that angle, VERY pretty, luv the purple.

    So glad you're feeling better..I'm battling a Bad cold right now that doesn't want to go away!

    I hope it's over before I have a wisdom tooth removed this month on the 29th..RATS!


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