Wednesday, 10 March 2010

and back to terrible..

At least terrible is written in small letters this time, not caps. I pushed too hard yesterday trying to recapture my monday and have my tuesday too. So today I have a migraine that will not go away and as of half an hour ago a huge panic attack has started and I feel I'm going to have to built a fort and hide in it, Maggie has put herself forward as guard dog. Brave wee girl.

Fingers crossed I'll see you tomorrow. Nothing can break my spirit these days! Roarrrrrr!

This is a photo from the Belleek pottery factory of our favourite gardening friends, the ladybird. Oh, that we could just make a load of them for the lottie as easily!


  1. Loving the ladybirds Carrie. Hope Maggie chases the bad vibes away.

  2. Oh Maggie certainly tries her best, but she isn't a very brave little dog ;) She slept all afternoon but maybe that was just a rouse, she can be dastardly chunning.

  3. Oh, Carrie, I'm sorry to hear about the migraine. I used to have those in my 20s (don't know why, but they vanished around age 31, maybe it will happen for you, as well), and a bad one can wreck a day. :(

    Love the cutie little ladybugs, as we call them. Ladybird is cuter. ;)

  4. I too suffer from migraines, depression and anxiety attacks, so I sympathise with you.
    My two dogs Amy and Spike go a long way to keeping me sane!
    Poping over to look at your craft blog now, as I knit and craft as well as garden.


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