Friday, 19 March 2010

All's well that ends well..

Maggie is home! The vets rang us this morning and said the little angel was ready to go home, so we rushed off to get her and gave her cuddles galore. On the way back to the house we quickly stopped off at the lottie and let her have a wee run round. She is so full of beans and had a bath to clean up the boke-y beard, so she looks great. This afternoon she slept like a log, but I loved watching her and just felt that everything was alright again. I loves my Maggie!!

Speaking of which I have a cute photo of her 'helping' Andy last weekend when he was planting seeds - hahaha. I thought it was too sweet to be annoyed at her for being up on the bed.

What did he plant there anyway? I know the second row was Scorzonera; cool seeds eh? We haven't grown this before but according to the River Cottage Handbook No. 4 Veg Patch it  is ' hugely popular in France and Italy....look[s] like a size-zero parsnip', and '...according to fable, is reminiscient of oysters [or] simply nutty and sweet'. Mark Diacono confesses here that he is 'shamelessly evanglical about them' so I hope they're bloody good!!

Not to be out done I too did some 'proper' gardening for a change. I pruned back the dogwood [afer a little lesson] all by myself; look at the difference. Seems very brutal but obviously necessary. I'll just use the decarded branches for arty-farty stuff. Plus at the far end of this plot the rhuburb is really starting to go for it!

Lastly I thought I'd share some photos of a few of the window sill seedlings in the sun room /nursery. We're doing really well with germination rates so far in the tomatoes, chillies, flowers for the cut flower border and celeriac and marigolds.


  1. I grew scorzerona but have to admit I wasn't too keen on them - the pigs loved them though and last year I grew a row just for them!!

    Rosie x

  2. oh dear, that doesn't sound so great! Best not tell Andy that, he's excited.

  3. Enjoy them. I love parsnips. Delighted to hear Maggie is back, and fine!

  4. So glad Maggie is home in time for the weekend! I've never heard of Scorzonera before. I'm off to look it up! Have a great weekend.

  5. Glad Maggie is back with you. Do you know what it was, a bug?

    Your allotment is looking very good (she says enviously).

  6. Glad to hear that Maggie is home where she belongs. I've never grow scorzonera or even tasted it, so I'll follow your progress with interest.

  7. Hi so happy to see that Maggie is getting better - it's so worrying when they get sick - we had a trip to the vets last week as well - just an itchy skin type thing - came to over £100!
    Thankyou for your advice on the allotment - I've kept it on, and am going to see if I can find someone to share it with me. I love reading about your allotment .
    Hope you're feeling good this weekend - I love the way you keep going with everything - it helps me keep going to - xxx

  8. Glad that your little dog is home - it's awful when they are ill.

    We have grown scorzonera for a few years but never yet eaten any - there are such mixed reviews. I'm not sure about them.

    They grow yellow dandelion type flowers on long stems


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