Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Too many blogs, too many darn good blogs to try and keep up with! God grief I lose my concentration for a week (sleeping problems = bad concentration + double vision = can't be bothered) and you all go nuts writing blogettes like there is no tomorrow! I must knuckle down and read tonight.

Tonight is of course the first Wednesday of the month and therefore.....(drum roll)....the Allotment Committee meeting. (Drum roll fades out into a dismal few bashes on said drum). It seems it could all be, excuse the expression, going tits up. Ronnie, my super duper lottie mate has resigned as Chairperson, another member resigned a few weeks ago and Andrew is ready to do the same. They just aren't getting any happier and the whole thing is ruining the lottie experience for each and every one of them. I CAN NOT have my hubby crazy like Christmas morning about building a new cold frame and getting on with the seed planting one mintue and then remembering there's a meeting coming up and getting all depressed. The allotments are a place of JOY!! I feel I need to scream it at everyone. Politics? Leave me out of it, I know that is the cowards way but I am not there to lead, I am there for therapy.

So tonight, whilst the meeting goes ahead, I will be trying to catch up on some missed blogs, I have a feeling the meeting may be well over before I'm done!

Keep smiling xx


  1. Oh, Carrie, I do hope they get it worked out. I've never had an allotment so I have no idea how it all works, but it seems like a lot of drama for a group of gardeners.

    I have that feeling, too, that there are just too many great blogs to keep up with out there. I'm trying a focus-on-a-few-blogs-every-month mentality, and then if I get to the others, those are bonuses. That way I feel I can sort of follow along in somebody's narrative and not get lost!

  2. I've never had an allotment of my own, but when I lived in England, my Grandad did. He'd often grumble about the politics involved, who'd qualify for a plot, who'd lose a plot for being too unkempt. Sheesh, gardening is supposed to be fun and RELAXING, not charged with bitterness and animosity. I do hope it all gets straightened out so you can both get back to gardening (and catching up on blogs of course).

  3. Thanks for popping over to Eco-Gites. I have just made the cereal bars with added ground and crystallized ginger, more sultanas and just a dash of coconut which I added by a mistake. Waiting for them to cool enough to try. I'll report back later ......

  4. It is hard sometimes to keep up with all the blogs we love. Time runs away with me when I get involved in reading all the new posts. I'm sorry that there's trouble in paradise, I don't envy committee members as they can't seem to do right for wrong.

  5. Gardening is a joyous adventure.., committees and meetings involve different skill sets altogether. Its about putting different heads to see things. I dare not think what our garden will end up with if plants can talk and argue... huh!

    A couple of wise heads will champion through and put things back together. That always is the case of organizational scenario..

    Cheerio Carrie..,

  6. Oh Carrie I know how you feel, I'm really struggling to keep up with all the blogs too. I love you all even if I don't manage to leave comments on every post!

    RO xx

  7. Carrie - ginger and pumpkin cereal bars are yummy :-)

  8. I resigned as Chair of our allotment association along with all but one of the rest of the committee - he was on holiday. We are not self managed so life goes on but we were fed up of the lies and rumours being circulated and the abuse we suffered as a result. Basically we were fund raising to improve security but some didn't like being asked to keep gates locked! There is always a group of disgruntled plotters (an apt title) out to cause trouble. The worst of it was our council just wouldn't support us - they wanted to be neutral and were happy to sit at a meeting where people were being really nasty and say nothing!

    It's good to be away from the politics and just get on with gardening although we do now have two factions who have little to do with one another! Sad isn't it?

  9. So I caught up and then darn it found some new ones too! Sorry to RO but the black background is so difficult for me to read - I recommend you to all out there though!!

    Meredith - you are very wise, but I couldn't focus on one group for a while and then move to a different one - I so afriad of missing something good!! But I really need to find a system, hahaha.

    Curbstone Valley Farm - WELCOME xx How lovely of you to visit. I hate politics and am sticking my head well and truly in the sand!

    Jo - I need everyone in the blogging world to just take turns, that's it, I can handle a few a day, really, everyone should follow a rota, haha.

    Bangchik - wise words again, I can only hope you are right and this will get sorted, I'm not going to hold my breath though.

    Eco Gites - Hoorah!! I knew ginger would be yummy, is mine in the post??? Sounds so good.

    Green Lane Allotments - oh boy, you too! In a way I'm glad to see we aren't the only ones who have been having problems. I really hope our plots don't turn into a nasty divided place I don't want to have issues with anyone. I for one will just keep gardening and blogging, I can't be having all this bickering. Best of luck to you all, you have my sympathies xxx

  10. Hi Carrie,
    I'm afraid it hasn't worked out as Bangchik predicts on our site. It has plenty of wise heads but it only takes one or two loose cannons to spoil things for everyone else and no amount of reasoning can sort it out especially when everything that you say is considered to be a lie!

    We are definitely NOT the only ones as since our problems lots of people have said that they have just the same issues on their sites. I used to be a primary teacher and believe me some of our adult plotters could learn something from the children who may fall out in the playground but then all is forgotten.

  11. Me too, only 182 posts to go! Carrie if you put your blogs in Google Reader, you get a list of titles to skim. You can click onwards for 'just the words and pictures' Then click again to get to the blog, where I have found your WONDERFUL owls! How is your new house going?? BIG advantage for us in Google Reader is that it nukes white letters on a black background. One size fits all. Black text on white, no bells or whistles.


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