Monday, 15 March 2010

Bloomin' Monday - Magenta Tulips

Another Bloomin' Monday has come upon us, crept up like a thief in the night. Were are the days going? I can hardly believe the weekend is over but joy does wait in the wings....St Patrick's Day is on Wednesday and of course my hubby will be off and it shall be spud planting day!

Now though, let us commually bask in glory of these Tulips, which are making me smile today as they have done all weekend. I'm so tired after a terrible nights sleep that I have been staring at these quite a lot to calm the mind and ease the double vision (I have 18 tulips in my world, haha ).

Going to have a nice packed week of stuff to share so for now I'm going to enjoy my decaff coffee and snuggle up with Maggie and my blanket and listen to the rain...until I finally drift off to sleep......

Hoorah, I slept and to celebrate here's another tulip photo xxxxx


  1. The colour of those tulips is lovely. I've just noticed a pot in the garden which contained tulips last year. I had put it at the back of the shed out of site, and it would seem out of mind, but the tulips are coming through again. Poor things haven't been given any attention at all.

  2. They're a gorgeous colour - rich and sumptuous.

  3. Oh I LOVE the 2nd photo! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful shots, Carrie. I do hope you got a nap and a good night's sleep last night; life without sleep is miserable. Dreaming of a St. Paddy's Day potato planting sounds promising... :)


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