Thursday, 11 March 2010

So let's get on with it - what we did last weekend.

Haha! I have copied a letter 'u' and shall now go through the whole blog pasting them in, hahahaha, can't stop me, evil keyboard!!!

So all these blasted nervous breakdowns and major panic attacks have really left me in a pickle this week. Plus, my keyboard has decided that there simply aren't enough 'u' s in the world and keep throwing them in everywhere except when I actually want one!!! Oh oh, now they have gone altogether! Eeekk.

I would like to start with the very 1st crop planted on the lotties this year, the Broad Bean. I planted them out, yes little old me. It's becoming a tradition, in that I did it last year as well and I am happy to report that I did not panic at all doing this delicate work; I am gaining confidence it would  seem. With the little sun tunnels over them I reckon they'll be fine and Andrew, when he visited after work yesterday, said they looked perky, so I'm happy. We'll do another sowing direct into the soil very soon, once the frosts die back.

Speaking of soil, I thought you may appreciate a little soil porn *blush*. This was worked very hard with a lot of manure and seaweed and homemade compost added. Andrew ridged the beds up over winter and now, with the help of our Azada they just crumbled apart. It's really lovely soil and I don't even think it will need riddled this year. Yippee! all that work work paid off.

Then another task for me - just look at how sunny it was here on saturday. I planted ot the Sweet Pea seeds into loo rolls. We do this because the cardboard bio-degrades in the soil, I mean we plant the whole seedling in it's loo roll! It works really well and as Sweet Peas love to have long root systems and are fragile with it, the roots don't get bothered at all. I must just point ot Andrew's very clever string use here to keep the rolls all tightly packed together and more strudy. Clever boy. I planted 'Cupani' and some free ones that came with a magazine, I believe it just said 'tall' on them. Fingers crossed my new home will have nice fresh flowers often.

Here is the hubby planting more Peas, but the edible type this time. I know 'Kelvedon Wonder' was one variety, as we really like them but I think he ended up sowing 2 or 3 types. See the use of a pencil to push the seeds down - I use my finger but his are too big, especially when it's 2 to a pot!!
Finally, I have a photo of our new greenhouse. We bought it in Lidls, so not dear but it is really well made and very strudy. I was inside it - it's 3ft high and 6ft long, so I found it comfty and well, warm as it should be. There are vents in the side and the front zips open in 2 layers -first the green bit can be rolled up and tied out of the way to reveal a mesh, which keeps the bugs out but which can also be zippered open and tied back. I swear one day, this plot WILL look good, hahaha.
Posted, with shame, I hope that the letter problem didn't stop everyone from reading :(
hahaha fixed it!


  1. I rather enjoyed the missing 'u's. Your soil looks as rich as chocolate cake - yummy.

  2. The soil in your beds looks really good to go!

  3. Angels, both of you are angels for putting p with that. I thank you. Off to return the love xxxx

    The soil is gggoooooooddd!

  4. hey carrie, sounds like things are better for you. I am sitting on my hands at the moment, trying not to plant my seeds in the lovely weather, but we are away next week, so noone to water them, we will catch up after we come back: chris is to dig the last bed in the plot for tatties to break up the soil, then we can put some structure in if the girls can last more than a nanosecond in the lottie! good to hear you sounding good


  5. Oh, wow, y'all are doing a lot! It's a busy season; isn't it? Not quite like peak harvest time in late summer, but still I feel as though the garden tasks have jumped from a standing start to quite a clip now. (And I love it!)

    I'm jealous that your climate tolerates sweet peas. I will just have to enjoy yours vicariously, Carrie. :)

    And I'm not surprised that you are able to perform the most delicate of transplants well.

  6. Nice to see that you've started off the busy season. Your soil looks in great condition, certainly worth all the work put in to get it in tip top shape. It should produce some great crops for you.

  7. Wow I have serious allotment envy!! - it looks fantastic - I must show you some pictures of my plot - to be honest I'm thinking of giving it up (she writes sadly)- the problem is my husband is not interested in it, so I was trying to do it by myself which I found really hard!! - can't quite made my mind up - Look after yourself - xx

  8. Thanks Jo - fingers crossed!!

    Thank you Maisey's Attic - there is no way I could ever do an allotment on my own, no way! I'm sorry you feel you must give it up. What about asking some girlfriends to join you - 'sister's doing it for themselves!' - that could be fun.


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