Friday, 26 March 2010

I think I may explode...

..only I'd have to squealsh myself back together and clean up the mess so what's the point in that???

First off I am so full of tablets I swear, if you shook  me, I would rattle! I have my usual anti-depressants, blood pressure tabs, Valium AND now cold & flu tablets oh, and a throat lozenge too. Arrggghh! The weather is horrible and because of my temperature I can't get myself comfortable - either roasting or freezing. Looking out the Velux window all I can see is white sky and it's giving me a migraine but I haven't anyone to shake my fist at for this (it would make me feel better to have someone to blame you see), so I'm having to store my anger up in my body until the evening news were I shall shake my fist liberally at the weather girl and may even curse!! (It's ok, she won't hear me).

So my dears what are we going to do about it al?l.....well I propse sticking my fingers in my ears, humming a song and looking at happy photos until the dark times pass. Please, do join me.....

Maggie is back to herself after that nasty tummy virus, horrah!

Rhubarb is growing well this year (licks lips) yummm

Promise of loads more lovely bulbs, exciting cause we can't remember what we put in here ;)

We had our 1st lollypop day of the year last Saturday! Summer is on it's way.

Andrew picked me one of our tete-a-tete's last night - they are such happy flowers and smell delicious.

Hugs to you all, may you have a lovely weekend! I'm hoping to go to the zoo if the weather is okay, yippppeeee!


  1. Have read through some of your past posts to catch up a little. I enjoyed seeing your greenhouse. Then the coldframe (nice work). And sorry to hear you've been ill, but hope you will be on the mend and be able to get out to the zoo this weekend! Glad your pup is better...must have been awful watching her be sick every 15 min...poor thing. Hang in there Carrie, the weather will be warming up and soon you'll be able to spend more and more time soaking up the warmth of the sun;-)

  2. Sending you hugs to get better soon.
    Glad to see Maggie is well again.
    I've been scoffing rasberry sorbet each night this week!

  3. hi carrie,
    sorry things aren't going so well, I have no words of wisdom, but if it helps at all, I love looking at your happy photos too. I can't see a lot of spring in the weather at the minute, but I can when I look at ur pics.

  4. Love that picture of Maggie!

  5. Carrie girl .. the one thing to make sure to hang on is that "this too shall pass" .. I keep that running through my head as much as possible .. once I see the opthamologist and I make him say that I don't have glaucoma in my eye .. I just know I will feel a lot better too : ) Let the garden FUN begin !
    Poor little pup .. I worry so if my girls ever do that , which they haven't so far .. phew !
    I understand about the body temp thing .. it can drive you bonkers .. but it will get better : ) Hang in there kid !

  6. In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
    Albert Camus

    It's there in all of us; it may sometimes be difficult to glimpse durng the very difficult times, but that's when we should nurture and tend it until it's strong enough to face the light of day and be joyful.

    Knowing that the summer in me is invincible has helped me through some dark times; I really hope that yours strengthens and makes itself felt soon. :)

  7. Get well soon, dear Carrie! So glad that Maggie is back to her adorable self, and very quickly I predict you will be, too. So much more bloom and brightness is around the corner in spring! :)

    What you call lollipops we call popsicles. Isn't that funny?

  8. Hope you're feeling better today and have managed that trip to the zoo. Glad to see that Maggie has recovered.

  9. Liked your photos, enjoy the zoo!

  10. Carrie I hope you are feeling a bit better today, and that you managed to go to the zoo. Just seen your lovely etsey shop - beautiful photos!

    Having children has been a complete rollercoaster ride! - there have been ups but plenty of downs! - don't ever think you are evil because you have decided not to have them - you are not!

    Sending you loads of hugs - I hate that you suffer this illness - xxx

  11. mmmm...the zoo is amways good for a smile :)
    I love forgetting which bulbs we put where, too. Make those precious spring flowers even more special.

  12. Love this bloggette, Carrie; so life affirming even though it's about a tough time. Stay happy sister - you're a star!


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