Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A quick ode to Andy; whilst he's out

I still haven't got my 'u' back or my close bracket and zero button! It's all rather annoying to say the least but I go on trying to type quick before Andy gets back with a DVD and some wine...... I think it's time for a new laptop!

Andrew's coldframe~

Yes this is the masterpiece I have been teasing you about. It was made totally by my hubby's own fair hands [sorry, that should read, strong manly hands, hahah] in the back garden. The frame was from his old single bed which we turfted ot once we moved into this, his old bedroom. Then the rest he bought in a DIY store and the magic just happened off the top of his sweet ginger head. Genius [Phone just rang there; Andy mst know we're talking about him...]. Anywho, I think it is glorious and even more wonderful than his first cold frame which can just be seen here in the background of the photo....You're a little jealous, aren't you, just accept it.....

Andrew's favourite new toy~

This is something my science geek of a hubby has wanted for ages, a max/min outdoor thermometer. He is pointing excitely at the results of it's first afternoon hanging on the shed - hmmmm, wow! Yeah, wow. We got this on Suday at the brand new and super fab Sunnybank nursery. We had 2 trolleys when we came out of there but I'll tell you about that later on.

Andrew's plan~

Thought this was cute on the back of the shed door, his plan for the coming season, where things are to be planted and which beds have been fed. He likes plans, I think it's the archaeologist in him.

Andrew's new wall/ entrance way in 14b~

I love this, it's very cute and practial; stones we had lifted when preparing the beds are arranged about the side of the new path in a lovely curve. Also, he planted another Rhubarb plant we got on Sunday and tied in the blackberry securely. The path will eventually be bark mulched around there too but it's a big improvement already.

Lastly, Andrew's favorite thing ever~

Planting seeds and giving his plots a darn good looking at on a nice sunny day at his lotties with his girls!!!


  1. Looks like a great day was had by all. I quite fancy a thermometer too - but would I ever find it in my shed?

  2. Tash - I know!

    Allot of Veg - I took a photo of my shed interior just to show you, and it wasn't even clean *stands on the highground of morality ....for a minute*

  3. Super post :) I love the wall of stones. Your plot looks very much in order for spring. As my husband would say, "If I were a little seed, looking for somewhere to grow..."

  4. Carrie, do you hire out your hubbie? I love the cold frame! We just spent €60 on one from a garden centre (pics on growveg, in the cats' section as it is now covered with cute little footprints) - I thought mine was nice but now I have cold frame envy!

    love the idea for the rocks too

  5. Wow, your garden is really coming together! I'm very jealous of the cold frame...Like Rosemary asked, there's no chance you could rent Andy out for a day or two is there? :P

  6. I am totally jealous of your coldframe. I don't have a coldframe but just use my cold greenhouse instead. I'm usuing my min/max thermometer in the greenhouse to check what the temperature is dipping to during the night. Since I moved my seedlings out there it hasn't gone below 4 degrees.

  7. AS EB says a super post about your superman!
    A coldframe is on my list but I'm sure that it won't be anywhere near as impressive as that one! Flighty xx

  8. I will get the Last Frontier Garden husband in front of the computer to show him that cold frame. Jealous is a bit of an understatement.

    Christine in Alaska

  9. That cold frame looks wonderful! Andy clearly rocks. :) I expect to start asking F. to do magic tricks like that -- once the doctorate is secured and we have a normal schedule once again. We'll see if he can come even close...

    Your lottie looks wonderful. A combo of your loving energy and a man with a plan. ;)

  10. You are all too kind, too kind. I shall think about the hiring out of the hubbby idea - could be a good way to make lots of seed/holiday money, hahaha.
    Have to admit, he is great!!! x


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