Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Winter weather :(

This weather is crushing me - no lovely fluffy snow for us, no we get freezing winds and rain, with a bit of sleet thrown in for good measure. Carrick is under a big cloud and I personally can feel the weight of the darn thing on my head and shoulders. Ba Humbug to winter.

The Lottie was feeling rather sorry for herself on Saturday, half a spade's depth down in the raised beds and we hit a clay-y type of quick sand; a sucky, sticky mess. Water-logged. Couldn't really do anything and what I did do will have to wait for another day (where I shall surely be moaning and lamenting again) so I have something to write later in the week.

P.S. The 'value' shops have started to get in lots of gardening stuff and B&Q are selling off essentials for £1 etc. Good time to get out (under the cover of a warm shop environment!) and get yourselves some bargains!

I hope you aren't as down in the dumps as me - even seeing the potatoes chitting on the window sill is making be feel 'hummph'. I need sunshine - where's Spring????

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