Saturday, 14 February 2009

Taking part in VP's photo meme

This is part of a fun photo thing that VP is doing on her blog - Veg Plotting.
(There is a link to her website at the right hand side of this page).

So, taking the 4th photo from the 4th folder of photographs in the computer's folders. Here we go......

Oh, this is rather interesting really. This is a photo of Carrickfergus town center and the Castle's Outer Ward and Gate House from the top of the Castle Keep. This is actually the Hubby's photo, he was on the Keep roof (where mere mortals aren't aloud to go) for work reasons and took lots of photos. Brilliant seeing somewhere so familiar from a new angle.


  1. I love how doing this is throwing up all kinds of things people wouldn't normally post! And in this case a great view to explore :)

    You asked what a meme is over at my place. In this context it's an idea or theme that spreads out via the internet or email in some way. However, there's lots more to it than that - have a look at what Wiki has to say if you're interested (yes I know, not the most reliable of sources, but pretty good this time).

  2. It was a great idea for a post, I'll have to take part in more things like this.

    Thanks for explaining meme - I guess my Greek was letting me dowm ;) Hey you can't dis the Wiki - I love it.


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