Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Saturday Morning at the Lottie

We spent the whole weekend at the Lottie. Got a good bit done, in amongst chatting to others - the weather was OK, even better on the Sunday, so there was a bit of activity around the plots.

Arriving not long before lunch time (we really did try to get up earlier but it just didn't happen) the best thing to do was to give all the seedlings a good looking at before getting the picnic out. It was a rather rewarding exercise, especially after the greeting we had by our 1st Daffodil proudly in flower. They always brighten a little corner of the soul, don't you think??

The cold frame also has little gifts for me - my Sweet Peas are germinating. I think I let out a squeal of excitement when I saw this - I was convinced they weren't going to do (always the pessimist), but there they were. Luckily my scarf was tied around my neck and mouth so I don't think anyone heard me getting so overexcited by seedlings :)

There are notes on this photo....

Also in the cold frame were the rest of the 'Cristo' Garlic I'd planted out and boy are they doing well. At the time I was looking at these ones, Andrew called over in glee that the ones he had planted out in the raised bed were also poking through the soil. He took the 'cat-guard' brambles off them so we could get a good look. I don't think we'll run out of garlic any time soon!

Then it was sandwich time and yes, it was cold - I had 3 jumpers and a fleece on! Thank goodness we had coffee with us too! Sitting down for a minute was almost unbearable.

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