Thursday, 19 February 2009

Building the Fruit Arch

It feels wrong for me to be writing about this ~ the happiest moment in my hubby's life for some time. He has had an affair with the very idea of this arch for months and now it's done, I feel he should be telling you all about it. Suffice to say, he is VERY happy indeed. This however, is not the emotion felt as the venture began on Saturday......

About a foot and a half down into the Lottie's ground in Field A at least (I think it's the same all over) you hit a very solid stratum of large stones. We did know about this; we've been digging this ground for almost a year now, but we were not prepared to break thick posts while trying to drive them into the ground - silly really, we should have thought about it. Hence one split one and one with the bottom broken off it later Andrew was in a horrible mood and really not fun to be around. Here is a photo of him - I took it because I was so annoyed with him.
It came down to the incomparable wisdom of 'the wife' to sort this mess out. (When 'crazy' walks down the road towards you - cross the street!) Replacement posts, coffee and chocolate later, we were back at the plot refreshed. I kindly guided the hubby and calmed him into finding the carpenter within and thus magic started to happen. Those 2 posts replaced, dug into the ground good and steady. And love was once again, in the air.
Oh, but the Sunday! well, Andrew just powered on (I'm so proud); got the 2 other posts into the ground and then they were tied together with planks and long screws, which I helped with - look, the bubble never lies!

This is the bit that really got me and surprised him as well, there obviously is an inner carpenter in him after all!!! He made 2 apex pieces and used lap joints on each to make the structure very sturdy and pretty. You do this by chiseling down half way into each plank and then fitting them into one another like a jigsaw puzzle. Genius. I'm not great at explaining but it'll be easy for you find a reference to it. Here is a lovely photo of Andrew's work, he did it right first time!!

The apex pieces rest on the cross beams and get screwed in too. Apart from that thin batons were added on the sides - like roof struts. And it was done! Andrew spent some time just looking at it, and can you blame him? Sorry there aren't any good photos of it I saved the battery for these last 2...

So here is an overview of the plot as it stands now. The added height makes it feel so much bigger.


  1. Oh wow, doesnt' that make a huge difference! It'll look amazing when it's got plants up it too - not to mention fruit!

    It's nothing do do with you though, or your H, or the ground - the Atmosphere. It is what happens, invariably, when couples do DIY together. I have obeserved this many times with my parents, and now we do it too. If you do the same job with a friend, or he does, the same atmosphere doesn't happen, even if things go wrong. I reckon, anyway. It's like navigating in a car with a map. I'm impressed you got the arch up at all - what did you do in the end, about the stones, did you dig them out?

  2. hey, I've just left a message on your garden blog.

  3. Well done you two. That is great. Simon is the carpenter in our relationship, I am the grower. But we have months of joint DIY (oops, sorry, no pun intended) ahead of us to get the gites built so I suspect there may be a few cross words said!! In which case I shall leave him to his wood and I shall go and talk to my veggies ;-)

    Rosie x

  4. The love still really shines through, once you punch them, really hard (I YOUR MIND'S EYE!!!)and calm down. Hehehe

    You have so much to look forward to, even though it's hard work. x


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