Friday, 13 February 2009

Blood Fish and Bone

I just learnt an interesting fact about the organic fertiliser Blood, Fish and Bone from the old hubby here. It is no surprise that liquid feeds work fastest, but I didn't release that between dry fertilisers, the organic type takes longer to break down in the soil. Something about microbes...I drifted off.

I may sound silly telling you this, but then again, I'd never thought about it before.



  1. Harrumph. Good for you if you can use it - I just get holes dug all over the place by the local fox population if I do, no matter how sparing I am with it!

  2. Hello EB, thanks for leaving a comment. I don't think any foxes are aware of our Lotties yet, thank goodness, though Maggie is rather fond of the smell, at least she's on a lead! I guess you may be a liquid feed girl then?


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