Monday, 23 February 2009

Surprise Trip to the Beach

My lovely Hubby surprised me by taking Friday off, making a picnic and taking me (and Maggie) to Whitepark Bay up the Antrim Coast - it's our favourite place. We stayed there all afternoon and explored caves and water pools and I got my legs very wet by a freak wave! Denim takes a long time to dry you know!

It was lovely and I took loads of photos. We really needed some quiet time away from things (even the Lottie!) and a good strong sea breeze, amazing scenery and a cheeky trip to the chippy on the way home was just the ticket.

I just want to try and think about that today and the fun we had. I feel very different this afternoon and even find it hard to remember feeling good, it's like a vague memory. But here are a couple of photos to prove that day really happened......


  1. Aaaah - what sweet pictures. It's interesting to read how you feel so different; I don't get that but I have loved ones who do, and all I can learn about such things is helpful. Maggie looks adorable - the Hubby too :)

  2. Hi Carrie, here goes at another try to comment on your blog. Just to say lucky you going to the coast and having an impromptu picnic. We love doing that, must do it soon. Your garlics look like they have grown a lot. Yeah !! just checked and your word verification is loading today.

  3. Thanks for the comments girls x

    P.S. EB are you hitting on my man!!! ;)


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