Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Economy ~ another pest for the Allotmenteer

The sun is shining - well, it's really trying to. I feel like flying over to the Allotment site and erecting a magical 4-field-big greenhouse to help the whole place dry out a bit. It isn't going to happen but I can dream. That's the worst bit about the place at the moment, or make that, for the last months on end. The ground is saturated and half a spade's depth down it's like the sea is trying to escape up through the slit.

Anyway, I wanted to write a little something today because (big tease that I am) I mentioned my e-mail from the Parks & Countryside Development Officer at the Council, but failed to tell you what it said.Italic

Well firstly, the Lotties have been talked about a good bit, I am glad to report. In December a site visit was also arranged and there, with some of our Allotment Holders Association Committee 'the Councillors who attended appreciated that work on paths needed to be done'. Hoorah! The path down to the plots is going to be replaced with a ( hopefully, excellent) pedestrian path. Unfortunately, as with all bureaucracy, we have to wait to see what happens, as the e-mail states :
'With regard to funding this and other projects I cannot give you an answer until budgets are announced in March.'

But let's be hopeful, even in the current economic crisis. Fingers crossed.

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