Friday, 20 February 2009

Ode to Ronnie and Bobby

I wonder, does every Allotment site have its resident people who are always there, always with a cheery hello and a story or two?

On our Site, these people are Ronnie and Bobby - if one or indeed both their cars aren't there in the car park when Andrew and I arrive of a weekend we think there's something wrong. Two nicer gentlemen you could not hope to meet and I know no one down there that wouldn't have a good thing to say about them. Being in Field A with us, Andrew and I have got to know them both over the past year and on Friday I dandered over to Ronnie's shed (where Bobby had arrived for a tea break) to have a chat. You must understand, this is not something I find easy to do at the best of times but they make me feel comfortable, like the Father or Grandfather you would love to have.
They know a good deal about gardening but aren't afraid to ask questions either and they aren't pushy with their own knowledge (none of that 'oh, you shouldn't do it that way' stuff). The two of them together are like kids and it's always their plots that have people round them. It's also always their plots that look the best, the fullest and tidiest. Both their wives are Lottie widows now!!!

Last year Bobby (on the right) won the Best Kept Allotment prize, I think the competition may be fiercer this year, Ronnie (quite obviously - on the left) may fight for that crown - but it's all taken in fun.


  1. Those are two of the most wonderful creatures that live on an allotment. We allotmenteers are a generous and hardworking bunch. You will always find someone to share seeds and extra plants and veggies.

  2. I am really starting to see that. We are coming up to our 1st anniversary of the site, in April and it feels like a community. I think we have lost that sense in our housing estates; I personally don't know my neighbours though I've lived in this house 6 years. It's always just a "hello" and then on we go with our lives. The Lotties are a place to talk and work togther, in some ways it's an extended family. As a always say ~ Allotmenteering Rocks!

  3. Nice picture - and that's just how I'd like to think all allotment sites are :)


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