Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Growth

To begin the story of the weekend, I first must explain that I did not want to be there, at the Allotments. You may remember that the weeks prior to this I hadn't been down and last week I only got as far as the car park. It wasn't the poor weather, it was my depression and anxiety.

I suppose that if this is therapy we're talking about - I have tough obstacles to overcome, it can and is rewarding but ultimately I am there to grow as a person - that, my friends ain't easy. You'll see though, as the week goes on - Ecotherapy was in action and by the Sunday afternoon it was doing good.

My recent absence was good in another way - I saw the emergence of Spring clearer and my Daffodils were looking big and strong; nearly ready to open their beautiful faces to the world and cheer the place up. The wide pot of primroses was also bursting with juicy buds and the Hellebores are blossoming; my wee plants seem to have settled in to their new homes just fine.

I took to work on this little flower bed area. I dumped that hideous excuse for a conifer (which I am allergic to anyway) first off and it felt great! I've kept the wicker pot though....I have plans for that, but I'm not telling ;) And then I planted out the little 50p bronze grass I got in B&Q, replacing the green stripy one. So now, with my gorgeous Dogwood (it is heavenly, no?) and 3 grasses the same I am happier and the ground is full of worms, hoorah. I'll be a gardener yet!

So, on top of all that, look at the 'Cristo' Garlic coming through in the cold frame (it's also peeping its head up in the raised bed but not so evidently) and my Babies -my Broad Beans. They are like little toddlers now and I have taken the cover off them so they can face the big world and all it has to throw at them. I'm optimistic, they'll be fine, won't they? Yes, they will. Won't they?


  1. The thing about gardening as therapy (althoug I don't have any big problem to contend with, like depression) is that feeling up to doing it at all is a big step forward.

    I am jealous of your broad beans! Ours got eaten, I suspect by mice. Must try again.

  2. Yep, you're right, feeling up to it was an step forward in the first place. Thanks.
    You aren't having much luck so far are you? - foxes and now mice. You can't let them win!

  3. Hi Carrie

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and its not cheeky at all, I've added you to my blog list.I think its brilliant that your using gardening as therapy, I think all gardeners do in some way, it helps us escape! Love the blog, keep it up!


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