Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Our Fruit Arch Trees - (I'm trying to learn!!)

I thought I'd write a little bloggette on the various types of trees we planted in the Arch. I hope you may be interested, but this post is mainly for me - to help me remember what's what and then I can keep up with Andrew when he blabbers on about them! You know a few years back he didn't know a tulip from a crocus and know look at him!!

There are 2 Apples, 2 Plums and 2 Pears. They are matched up opposite one another and the list goes from the back of the Arch to the Front, as you look at it from the bench.

Info on the Trees came from an RHS site. Who can you trust if not the Royal Horticultural Society, I ask you?? They have a great deal of pages I just stuck to the 'Grow You Own' section, which has great detail on soil, planting, care, harvesting etc and it's very simple to use too!

Left Side = 'Lord Lambourne'
'(pollination group 2, pick mid-autumn, store until late autumn) This early to mid-season cultivar has a good compact habit, so is ideal for a small garden. The apples possess an excellent, aromatic flavour. '

Right Side = 'Egremont Russet'
'(pollination group 2, pick mid-autumn, store until late autumn) Its intriguing flavour combines honey and nuts. The fruit is small and golden with large patches of russeting and a rough skin.'


Left side = 'Victoria'
'A popular, self-fertile, dual-purpose variety bearing heavy, regular crops. The pink, medium-sized fruits are ready in late summer. Their flavour raw is average but when cooked they make an excellent jam.'

Right side = 'Opal'
This self-fertile dessert cultivar is very hardy and produces heavy crops on vigorous, upright trees. The small, purple fruit has a good flavour and are ready to harvest in late summer.


Left side = 'Doyenne du Comice'
'(pollination group late, pick mid-autumn, store until early winter) Pick this one for its outstanding flavour and perfumed aroma. Needs a good warm, sheltered site, so train against a south-facing wall. '

Right side ='Buerre Hardy'
'(pollination group mid, pick early autumn, store until mid-autumn) Excellently flavoured, vigorous pear with no graininess in the flesh. The large, yellowish green fruit has reddish russeting on the skin.'

Funnily enough they all have Awards of Merit from the RHS, though Andrew probably knew that, didn't he, that's why he chose them. Well, that and the fact that they came from Lidl's for a great price, hehe!!
Sorry if that was the most boring bloggette in history - I just needed to learn some of that stuff so I can sound like I know what I'm on about sometimes.


  1. Yummy ! lots of Apple pies/crumbles, poached pears and custard and plum jam, not to mention just eating it all as it is. The arch looks good too.

  2. I see you've replaced the arches. That's exactly what I need for my trees!

    Good choices too :) Yum.

  3. Maureen and VP - the arch is all down to my wonderful hubby. I could lend him to you for a hefty price ;)
    I hope the fruit do well, I LOVE apple pie so much!!!


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