Monday, 9 February 2009

A visit to the Lottie (sort of)..

Well, we all know what the weather was like this past weekend; one word ~ Burr!!! On top of that, I was feeling particularly dispirited and needed to just go away from Carrick for the day.

I didn't even want to go down to my Lottie because the paths were so soggy and I've slipped on the them countless times (my anxiety levels were already through the roof that day); it just makes me miserable. Also, I knew nothing would have done that well through the bitterly cold week (and Lord help me if I saw my Broad Bean babies dead or something). All round it was just safer to stay in the car. Sometimes the best Ecotherapy is staying away and just thinking happy thoughts of Spring and sunshine.
So, this is as far as (Maggie and) I got to my Lottie.

Andrew had bought bare-root fruit trees during the week at Lidl, for £6 each and he wanted to put them down in the shed there (and have a nosey). I think it was 2 Plums and 2 Pears we got, but I couldn't tell what type to save my life and I forgot to take photos. As I said, I've been down in the dumps. I will however talk to the hubby tonight and then I can tell you all about the fruit arch master plan another day.

Okay, so this picture makes it look nice ~ believe me it wasn't. (By the way I got a path-issue update from the Council today - I've been making a nuisance of myself via e-mail)

Did however see some newbies at the site and the car park was quite full, so it's nice to know there were some crazy Allotment obsessed friends down there, keeping the side up. I am not a creepy stalker, by the way, taking pictures through the windows of my car looks dodgy, I know.


  1. To the best of my memory the two pears were Beurre Hardy & Doyenne de Comice, the two plums were Victoria and... damn I've forgotten the other one! Hey-ho.


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