Saturday, 21 February 2009


The ever lovely people at Allotmentality: drew Andrew and my attention to an article in the Guardian Newspaper on-line by Zoe Williams ~ 'Can we dig our way out of the recession?'

I won't say anything other than it is about Allotments and the recent National Trust land donation. I have responded in the comments section and I am rather upset. My name there is Carr1e.

Let me know what you think.


  1. What a silly article Zoe wrote, although I have to admit I loved some of the comments. (The one about the slugs had me crying with laughter!) I feel sorry for Zoe that she doesn't appreciate how theraputic (sp?)and rewarding growing your own can be.

  2. Carrie - don't be upset, she's not worth it. I've just added my own comment over there (Veep), though I think even commenting is adding too much credibility to such utter drivel.

    What the National Trust is doing is brilliant (though our nearest property has had allotments there for years) and is part of a continuing trend I've spotted recently.

  3. I believe you and Veep and a few others on the comment list at that article are my new heros, Carrie. What a pompous, irrelevant, milksop bag of wind that so-called columnist is, and how deliciously some of you responded to her. I think no one can respond to something like that drivel with such succulent ire as the British. I just wish more of us, your Canadian kin, had inherited that art of reposte in such classy, humourous and resounding manner. Bravo to you and the others who slamdunked her!

  4. Thanks girls! We need to tie that woman to a garden bench and tell her the real story! We could torture her with celeriac, hehehe!!

  5. What a pathetic, middle class, Chelsea tractor driving loser that woman is! Its not even a coherently written article, I'm all for people having their own views on a subject but if she's going to put it out there for all the world to see she could have at least bothered to visit an allotment or talk to someone who grows their own, instead of canvasing her 300 friends (yar right, i reckon shes added a couple of zero's there!) who are all presumable clones of her!

    I think the comments where better written than the article!

  6. Zoe williams is well known for crap.
    "That" newspaper has been in the buisness of printing unresearched material for decades why should it stop now.


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