Friday, 27 February 2009

Of mouse and men and a pony

This jumps all over the place like a small puppy; inelegant but with a purpose - yesterday has me exhausted and concentration is poor, ummm, what??. Exactly.

Well, I was painting - "really?" you say, yes just a little bit more!! And Andrew left me alone so he could go to our house and pick up those extra plants we had, you know, for the snail and frog planters. During this time I met Aaron and his friend Jason who were having a dander around Field A. Aaron is Donald's son (I've called him Douglas/Donald since I met him - of course these guys knew that and were making fun of me! So cruel ;), the youth of today!)

Anyway, I chatted to them for quite a while, BIG news for me, as I have already mentioned, it's hard for me to socialise at the best of times.

Later, I re-paid the visit as Aaron mentioned his Dad's Hotel and Spa for wildlife was doing well. Donald was rather excited to tell me that (apart from bugs) he had a resident mouse and most recently, a frog, who didn't stay long but may come back with friends - there is hope. In the late dusk, he also has a Pheasant come over; Ricky has seen him many times (he's always last to leave the lotties) sitting proudly on his log bench. So Donald's plot seems to be the place to be! He also does burgers and bacon butties with the help of his chimena - so it's very popular indeed!!!

Donald, Aaron and Jason

I noticed some other people working hard in 'B' - this couple were putting up a new greenhouse as their old one had glass in it and that's not allowed. They seemed to be doing really well I didn't hear any shouting or arguments, so high praise for them indeed. I didn't annoy them long though for obvious reason and hence, don't even know their names.

The weekend before (I forgot about this !) I visited the newly opened Field 'D'. Unfortunately there was only 1 Allotmenteer there at the time, fortunately it was Ivan, another of those men it is a joy to meet. His plot was already coming on a pace, with loads of double digging, the man is like a machine! And I briefly noticed on Sunday on the way home, that he has a shed up now too. The first in the whole field - I salute you Ivan, for your efforts so far!

The beginning of Sunday : Field C - joy to see little pony and trap, everyone digging and loads of sheds.
And the end of Sunday : us wrecked and splattered with paint (and cow poo too).

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