Friday, 30 January 2009

Want a tidier shed?

I am about to sing my Hubby's praises yet again - please resist the urge to throw up - yes I adore him, but that aside this is quite clever......
I am 5 ft 2 on a good day, my Hubby is 5ft 10, therefore we are not exactly great at sharing benches - the one he wants is always to high for me to work on. When it came to the shed, we needed a bench that could work for us both and this arrangement is perfect, just something you may like to consider.
We bought one of those horrible industrial shelving kits with all the different slots in it and the brackets that fit in so you can have shelves at various heights. However, we saved money here - didn't buy any shelves; we had left over timber from making the rested beds - cheapskates or very sensible with our funds: you decide. We (by that I of course mean Andrew) put up the long white slotted supports at either side of the little shed window. Then using the adjustable brackets we can throw on 2 pieces of timber and have a bench of any height we need. Even as low as waist height for me when I want to plant seeds! Cool.

But, wait there is more.....When finished the bench all comes apart and can be stored away under the window giving back valuable space in the shed. Hoorah!!!!

We also hang up all our tools on the other side of the shed so as the floor space is as large as possible.
That is all, I'm uber tired today x

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  1. You know, a tiny part of me regrets that I didn't make the wall brackets slightly longer, giving us the option of setting the shelf up at a lower height yet again- hey presto, a handy seat for those rainy days. Oh well.


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