Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I recently read that 'with each step we take, we arrive' [Paulo Coelho]. I thought it was a very beautiful way of looking at life's journey, however, I'm one of those people who likes to have a general knowledge of the direction they are going, with some reassuring road signs along the way.

On Saturday I think I received a little 'road sign' as it were, not pointing anywhere but just saying 'you are here'. It felt good at the time, that feeling is just confused now, lost in the very dense fog of depression. But here's how it happened...

I planted seeds on Saturday, my Sweet Pea seeds and then a tray of extra Garlic cloves 'Cristo' (BIG fellas) that Andrew had left over from planting out in the Lottie. We are not going to be short of Garlic my friends, not this year! Look at the amount already shooting up 'Solent Wight' and the load Andrew planted too! Anyway, apart from later finding out my Sweet Peas weren't pushed down far enough in the pots and will have to be re-done - I have successfully, on my own sown 2 crops, add the gorgeous broad beans to that and I have, this season planted 3 crops, myself, without help. That may sound odd to be boasting about, it sort of is odd, I'm an Allotmenteer, but until now I have stayed away from the practical stuff letting Andrew get on with it. I would only ruin it all. I've done weeding, cutting grass, harvesting, checking for aphids and the like and taking photos. Now I'm actually contributing to the whole reason we're there ~ to Grow Our Own.

Okay, so you can see that my journey has an extremely long way to go (and in my current state of mind this story sounds really stupid). Planting seeds in a tray, a healthy person does not make (especially when a load need done over again!) but I think and so does the Hubby that it's a little sign; I'm Growing too.


  1. you're a 'glass half empty' kinda girl right now, so you don't realise that what you've been doing is great, and you contribute more than you know. Who cares about planting seeds at the right depth. They'll probably be ok, because they want to grow. I beleive you do too, and I can see it happening (even though you didn't have the best time as a seedling ;))

    It's official. My wife's a great allotmenteer, even though she won't beleive it!


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