Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Plan (as it stands at the start of Jan 09)

I'm no garden designer or graphic designer, so you'll have to make do with my very low tech scribbles on good old paper with a pencil. :)

Below left we have the bare bones of the plot lay out: the beds, permanent structures and permanent fruit bushes and trees. On the right I have annotated a bit, I hope it is legible...

For the sake of clarity we call the beds on the left hand side column A and the right column B. Then they are numbered across as rows, as we move away from the bench. The larger square bed at the back is the permanent bed; on the right of the path we have a row of Strawberries and them by the edge there is a row of Raspberries. To the left of the path there will be Asparagus (some day!!)
Okay, this is the closest overview pic I have, time wise, taken the weekend before the apple arch went in. But that doesn't really matter as that particular arch is going to be moved and a more substantial one put in its place.
Hopefully this plan will make more sense as I talk about what is happening where in the plot.

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