Thursday, 29 January 2009

green manure and a bug b&b

You know, the words aren't coming easily today, bare with me....

So, all the remaining Leeks are now either in our tummys or the fridge now; they really did us proud, we'll definitely be growing more 'Musselburgh' this year. The bed they where in only had leeks and green manure in it ~ the green manure was ready to be cut back, so Andrew did that and though it still needs dug in, it is great to see the new season taking shape on the plot.
I took on the bigger, full bed of Green Manure (B1) where the potatoes where last year but after cutting it all back, I couldn't face digging it in too. I had hurt my leg earlier in the week and the kneeling down was sore enough without getting to work with a spade! So all that will need doing the next time we're down (I now have a 'ladies spade'), so I've no excuses!

After cutting all that back I found an easy job to do ~ picking all the dead leaves off the Strawberry plants. And lo and behold who did I meet?? Mr/s Ladybird!!

This lead to a flurry of activity from me ~ I cut up lots of Bamboo canes and hollowed out the left over ends of the raspberry canes Andrew had just cut back and handed to me. And I made an insect hotel. Well, mine is more a Budget B&B for the student-y insect perhaps. It certainly is not anything like Donald's 4* Hotel and Spa in Field B, but I can work on it. Here it is both in all it's architectural glory and in-situ, under the shed. I hope to have some residents someday but I won't hold my breath ~ there are lots of bugs under the shed already though, we put loads of stones under there and saw lots of other ladybirds around that area in the Autumn.

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