Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Frosty Wind made Moan (a lot)

Oh my goodness! It was blowing a gale this weekend, never mind the nasty coldness and the downpours ~ not a good weekend to be an Allotmenteer. Though I have to say we did get some jobs done and saw quite a few others down at the plots over the period - we hardy perennials!

The wind was the worst however and things were all over the place when we visited, especially on Sunday. Apologies to: Myrtle as this is a photo of her shed on it's side and your cloches are in the hedge; the people at 15b in field C as this is their shed blown off its foundations; everyone at the Eden Allotment Gardens (in total) as this is our little port-a-loo, and to all those who have yet to find their compost bins - they're all over the place.

My sympathies to the man in Field A No. 12 ~ you're shed, as yet not fully erected and stabilised, is in a heap on the ground - too upsetting to put a photo of it here - there may be children reading this.

We (the Hubby and I) were very lucky, only our middle compost bin, from 'the Trinity', escaped. It left not only our plot but Field A altogether, past Field C and the Car park area and ended up as the furthest away bin in the whole place (up by the changing rooms!). We were fortunate to get it back! Andrew has it well and truly bolted to the ground now with canes and big rocks.

Maggie missed the carnage, as we left her at home on her blanket all cosy and sleepy. I don't think 'dog kites' would go down very well with the animal cruelty people! (note: cartoon pic not photo!)

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