Monday, 26 January 2009

The Duality of a very busy Allotment

Saturday was a beautiful, bright, clear day; they told us it was going to be hailing but they were wrong (again!), though it was rather cold. Look at this sky. It brought out the Allotmenteer in a lot of people and the car park was full to overflowing when we arrived in the afternoon ~ it was even busier when we were leaving. This is fantastic news, utterly brilliant.

We saw some old faces that hadn't been around in a while, especially Gary our good friend and plot neighbour. He, who was supposed to have 'The Plan' implemented by Christmas! Why didn't I put money on that?!!! He says it will be ready by February now, we'll see. The problem is, when he does get a minute to do some work down there, he inevitably gets chatting; as with Andrew on Saturday, well they can natter on better than two old women!

In the space of their conversation, I had Spring cleaned the shed and planted all my sweet pea seeds! Oh, my Sweet Peas look lovely (at least on the packet), they're 'Cupani', the original one and I think the best. I soaked them overnight and then planted them into used toilet roll middles, which I have been saving for weeks now. I'll be doing the same with the Coriander we have yet to buy ~ it's a wonderful system for seedlings that hate to be moved ~ when the time comes, you plant out the whole kit and caboodle and the cardboard rots away. Perfect.
The other side to this very populated Allotment Gardens came in the form of my state of mind. I was panicked by the amount of people when it has been so quiet the last while. I became very introverted and spoke to no-one really all day. That includes Gary, who, as I said hasn't been down in ages and who I like chatting away to. This of course made me very upset and frustrated, but after a wee trip home and warm drink I was ready to go back. I knew that being there would be a benefit and you know, it was. I got loads done and have a packed wee week of blogging ahead of me.

I don't know how many times I can say it ~ "Ecotherapy is the way to go", albeit in combination with medication etc.

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