Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Plots Thicken

Okay, so really there is extremely little to tell you about what Andrew and I did at the Lottie. He dug over some soil and did a lot of looking, I did even less. Instead I dandered as I said in a previous blogette. So this blogette is about the hard work of some others about the plots.

First this plot. I have seen the gentleman who owns it working hard on this over the past few times I've been down. He has it looking great; edged raised beds, a compact cold frame and to add some (much needed) winter colour has planted pretty primroses all around the edge.
In Field B I spoke to Donald who had just finished equalling out the height of his plot by adding a thick mulch of medium sized gravel, with small drainage pipes underneath. Hopefully this will stop one side of his site from being just too soggy to work. Now he has lovely raised beds and a great looking (and sounding) path all around. His little alpine plant raised edge around the whole place is also starting to settle in , but I think the 'Little Critter Hotel and Spa' is still under booked.

Field C is a mass of new members getting to work, ah, the heady days of a brand new plot, the energy and excitement (before any blight and failed crop pain of the seasoned allotmenteer kick in)! I can just imagine the sore backs and hands, the all consuming nature of 'the plan' and the 100s of books being bought and the joy of ordering a shed. Good Luck to them all!!!!

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