Friday, 23 January 2009

Reading frenzy

Last night I went a little overboard on the reading and wanted to know EVERYTHING about Allotmenteering, all before bed. It was nuts. I was reading the delightful Mr Middleton's book (which I asked Santa for, for Christmas), the chapter entitled 'January' aptly and trying to visualise his crop rotation plans, learn about the different nasties that attack Apple trees and how to prune Gooseberries, also laughing a little at the use of the lovely word 'sundriesman' and 'Petroleum Solution' and burning twigs in the same paragraph - danger!!

On top of this I had spent a while flicking through other books in the afternoon, desperately trying to retain everything I read (it's all gone now) so I could be 'the best'. Silly, I know that now. I ended up in a tizzy having to get up and drink a wee peppermint tea (the Hubby got up with me - what a darling).
One thing I did notice though, in the magazine Andrew had been reading in bed (yes, I was trying to glean information from that whilst reading Mr Middleton) was that our dear friend Alan Titchmarsh is releasing his own Dr Hessayon style books ~ you know special, smaller books on particular aspects of gardening so as to make it all that bit easier to get the information you need. You may remember my comments on these 2 wonderful men back in October. Here is the link:

Well, now I just don't know what to think; I'm sure Alan's books will be exceptional but will they overtake the Dr?? We shall have to wait and see, they're supposed to be out in April and seemingly at a good price ~ around £7.
Oh, one thing I do remember, now is a great time to clean your tools and tidy the shed ~ see what you need for the coming weeks. Have a good weekend!

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