Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More Raspberries (Summer Fruiting ones this time)

We have a man over to give us a quote on double glazing and I really don't think he is a very nice man, unfortunately. I have left Andrew to it and to be honest I can hear everything that is going on and my Hubby is holding himself very well!

Now, anyway back to the wonderfully productive Saturday at the Lottie. In this bloggette, Andrew made a new planting of summer fruiting Raspberries - 6 canes in total. 3 of 'Glen Clova' and 3 of 'Tulameen'. We got a pretty good deal on them in a major DIY store a while back ~ 3 pots for £10 and in each pot there were 3 bare root canes. Not bad, eh?! So, I'm just thinking that means we have 3 canes left over (what are we doing with them Andy??).

After planting them Andrew cut them back just a little. We have 2 very large posts driven in at each side of the bed and have the materials to put up wires between the two, for the Canes to have some support. It's very scary holding those posts whilst your Hubby (as much as you love him) is flinging a big mallet around above your head and telling you to keep the post straight. I made the mistake of closing my eyes just the once and he very nearly got me on the arm!
*Warning to all Allotment owners, keep your body and head well back and look at the danger in the face, then you're prepared!!* However, don't blame me if you get nightmares!


  1. that window salesman has left a rather unpleasant aftertaste. Which is why I am so glad to read this post and cheer myslef up with pleasant thoughts of the lottie. Roll on the weekend. Preferably a dry one...

  2. Well done Andrew on getting rid of the salesman. I hope you kicked some ass. I also hope you have some lovely weather at the w/e to make up for it.


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