Friday, 9 January 2009

A Delightful Blog!

You may notice that over on the right hand side of this humble blog there is a 'button' for Delightful Blogs. This is an on-line directory for blogs that are considered to be original, interesting and regularly up-dated. It's an American company which seems to be run by a lovely lady called Lynda. I attempted to put myself on this directory but with the meds etc I didn't have the concentration and messed it up. I wrote to Lynda and after checking 'Grow Our Own' out she included it in her directory and even waived the fee.

I have been crying again, for a change it is not out of depression but appreciation to a stranger who has reached out and shown kindness to me when , let's face it, I really need some.

As I predicted, yesterday's meeting with a member of my mental health team didn't really help much. Though I truly like my Social Worker, she has her hands tied and there is nothing out there. I am miserable and hopeless, but, I had a moment of joy there that has left me all shook up ~ thank you Lynda and 'Delightful Blogs'.

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