Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A quick boast...

That Christmas Eve visit hasn't been fully blogged, as time was short. So I shall take this opportunity to boast a little about just how wonderful those Parsnips where! We grew 'Tender and True' in a brand new bed, which had organic matter etc in it, and they didn't fork ~ take that Mother Nature!!! The frosts beforehand has really helped with the flavour, they were truly scrumptious. On Christmas day, I ate all mine up off my dinner plate before I even attempted anything else, I love Parsnips, our Parsnips. And they were pretty darn big!!!

As well as that we harvested some more joyous Leeks (I'm allergic to Onions but can eat Leek). Look how HAPPY Andrew was with them ~ 'Ecotherpay in action' for him too!

Then, finally I checked on my Broad Bean seedlings in the Cold Frame ~ they are doing extremely well, possibly too well as they look like they are in need of planting out and it's not time yet! Eek. They're the first of our new year crops, so I hope they stay alive, not such a great way to start the year if they end up in the compost bin in the sky.

Boasting over.


  1. I feel I should point out that I don't always wear that hoody and do in fact own many alternative tops... that is all.

  2. Hi Carrie, I thought I would check up on you to see if you were feeling any better. You seem brighter and your enthusiasm seems back to it's usual pace. Your broad-beans could go outside now if you harden them off for a few days, that's providing you can dig the soil ! Like you I planted mine in trays in a cold greenhouse, I then hardened them off outside for a bit each day (back in at night) and they are now in the ground covered in a tunnel of the clear plastic with the holes in ( see photo on my blog ) and they are doing well so far. You might find that they will get a bit leggy and not have very strong roots if you leave them too much longer.
    Have you tried growing beans and sweet-peas in cardboard toilet rolls ? it's very successful as it gives plants with long roots plenty of space to grow and then the cardboard rots down in the ground if you don't want to disturb the roots.
    ( Just a few things I have tried )
    Hope you feel better by the w/e
    take care x

  3. Thank you very much Maureen, I'm hoping to get to the Lottie at the weekend and do something with those beans and you know I'm getting sweet pea seeds this year so I'll do the toilet roll thing ~ heard it was good myself but never tried it.
    I really appreciate your caring nature x


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