Thursday, 8 January 2009

Eden Allotment Gardens gets Bigger!

We received a letter yesterday from the council to offically declare that we are to have a 4th field of Lotties, hoorah! This new one,(excitingly named 'Field D') is going to be completely organic which is pretty cool. We have been offered a position there in place of our present Lottie ~ but how could I leave A24a! She means so much and has offered such love and produce. I could never love another Lottie in the same way. Luckily Andrew feels the same.

Check out the new area map here>
or indeed there is a handy link down the right hand side which updates itself as the Council updates its info. Ah, technology.

The letter came with a little Fact Sheet about Organic growing and it seems we're doing rather well at that anyway! We only use Slug Pellets (I hate slugs with a passion that cannot be expressed with out you seeing my 'angry face') and once the container we have is finished we're going to get Organic Slug Pellets ~ none of this wasting good beer on them or trespassing on the site at night with a miners' head lamp and catching the blighters at it.

So soon there will be even more Eden Allotmenteers (and we know the waiting list is huge too). Oh yeah, Allotmenteering Rocks!

P.S. I have a member of my mental health team coming to the house today, I may sound cynical but I suspect I'll hear the usual " I'm so sorry but there just isn't anything available, I can't think how to help you". God, I'm miserable :(

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  1. Hi Carrie, it's me again ! I know what you mean about moving off your plot for another one. I have probably the most awkward shaped plot on our allotment (think large boomerang shape) and it's on a slope. I also had the chance to move to another,and like you I was attached to my plot and also very established with shed etc and I know my soil now as I had put lots into it.
    I hope the outcome of your health team member was fruitful, if not, fear not, as Spring will soon be here and then you will be busy outside again. Meanwhile keep on planning and very soon sowing.



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