Tuesday, 8 June 2010

when I'm feeling blue...

Okay I thought I was over the incident with the nasty man on Saturday. I took loads of photos yesterday at our plot and felt -'haha, take that mr nasty pants', but he is still blasted well winning....I can't face looking at said photos nor of course uploading them on to this computer. Darn it I'm, letting him win but I haven't any more energy to fight at present.

So I've been looking at all your blogs, dear friends (sorry if I don't leave comments everywhere) and looking at the super talented people on Etsy and all their handmade art. Wow, you are all so inspiring. I have also been reading a lot and came across this fabulous quote that I thought I would share...

'he who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how' - Nietzsche.

It made me think of my myself with my double vision and mental health problems; I thought of my dear friends Joy and Joanne who are just plain exhausted and ache all over all the time (but still garden extremely beautifully), I thought of all of you who have hectic sometimes demoralising jobs but still try to have a fun life (especially you nurses, doctors, those in the emergency services and social workers), and I thought of the amazing (I do not use this word lightly) group of people who are close to my plot at the lotties - they are fighting addiction, the most awful fight of all, against yourself, against constant temptation.

I WILL get over this stupid bump in the road; I may not control the winds but I can adjust my sails to keep me going in the right direction.

See you very soon - with pictures xxx


  1. Well it's a totally understandable that the photos are now tied up with the nasty man experience. Anybody would feel the same. I went to Crocus's (fab online plant centre) Open Day at the weekend and as I walked around I was reminded of the last open day there last August. I was very suddenly doubled over in pain followed by total panic and sweats. All the way home in the car I was suffering cramps. I was at the time pregnant. I found out a few weeks later that I'd lost the pregnancy (very early on and not my 1st miscarriage, so I'm very philosophical and fine about it before you worry.) Anyway on Saturday I walked around the enclosure which wasn't open to the public this time around, as I looked thru to the place I was filled with sadness and the memory of the whole experience came flooding back. It was the visual reminder that set it off.
    Your photos will be the same. So you delete them, I would, no point in re-living the horrible man experience again. You get the control back from the nasty man who was just a ignorant fool.
    Keep on Sailing Carrie and keep on snapping.

  2. i'm so sorry that some ignoramus upset you! i love looking at ur photos, but understand why you dont feel able to post them right now. i hope you take comfort in the fact that people are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts x

  3. What an inspiring, well-written post! Thank you for this, Carrie -- and yes, do keep on trucking. You are bigger than this incident, and you will overcome it and come out the other end with flying colors (hopefully some of them captured by your lens in a moment of inspiration.)

    I send you a big bear hug and a smile from ear-to-ear at your loveliness. You are such a wonderful person!

  4. Oh Carrie, I've just caught up on all this; please don't let one sad sad pathetic grumpy person ruin things for you ((((hugs))))What a grouch he was :(

    Wish I could help you smash down that bump that he's put in your way.

  5. I feel for you Carrie, because I would react the same way. It doesn't take much to set me back either. I haven't posted in over a month because I've been dealing with a lot of low esteem and just feeling like my garden just wasn't worth sharing. And, of course, I get even more stressed out because the nice-weather season is so very short where I live and I worry about how feel again when winter comes. It's a vicious cycle... instead of enjoying the great weather I worry about the impeding winter that is months away... and that makes me depressed... *sigh* When someone crushes my self esteem I try to remember a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt... "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." I know easier said than done, but I try to remind myself that all the time. I'm sending good vibes and warm hugs your way!

  6. Hello
    I haven't been here before, but I'd like to say, as you know, there are so many of us fighting against depression and all its horrible associates.
    You are not alone and we'll all manage, even in the progress towards being , what?
    Non depressed?
    Is that even a word, I wonder
    Much support

  7. massive group hug needed! I love my girls!

    Tash that was a heartbreaking story, so sorry you ever had to go through that xx

    Ellie I wrote to you on your last post - which was fab!

    Love you all and thank especially to my new guest Anonjan.

  8. By the way I'm over four months pregnant now and things (fingers crossed) are fine. :)

  9. TASH!!!! - Congratulations xxx


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