Saturday, 12 June 2010


I love the colour red in any garden/allotment, the stunning bold colour against the green just makes me happy. So as I am being whisked away to Co. Meath for my 5th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (until Tuesday) I thought it was a perfect time to share the fabulous reds in my lotties.

Red can to some seem brash, I don't agree with you but I believe you have your rights to feel that way (though this is my blog and therefore you are wrong, I make the rules here, hehe). So I am sorry to any out there for whom this post is like a harlet shamelessly baring all. BUT before I add my photos I wish to also say that our Blue Tits have all flown the nest (bird box) and we even happened upon the vey last one to leave taking 'his' maiden flight! Oh joy; so clumsy and ungraceful the whole event was, but so beautiful and we are very proud parents indeed. I quickly named him Terry, he quickly fell off his first ever landing perch, we tried not to laugh but...*blush*

So amorous, ardent, erotic, fervent, impassioned, lusty and seductive (I got the thesaurus out) red.... I think this may even call for a collage :) But this one first, I was just sitting on our bench when I glanced over at my Poppies - oh so pretty!

My you all have a lovely weekend. A virtual cuddle is sent to you all x


  1. Beautiful pic as always Carrie. Hope you have a great anniversary, it's good to celebrate (are you listening OH?)


  2. well it looks simply stunning where you are!
    enjoy your time away xo

  3. happy anniversary :) hope you're taking your camera with you xx

  4. Red - strawberries, cherries, juicy apples - how can anyone NOT like red!

  5. Ah, I love oriental poppies. Thanks for that!

    That collage rocks. It doesn't hurt that scarlet is also my favorite color in the garden, with my all-time favorite the cardinal climber vine, which attracts wee ruby-throated hummingbirds (and the males do flash a bit of red iridescence at their throats.)

    May you have a splendid anniversary, Carrie! Congratulations on reaching such a big milestone. I wish you joy. :)

  6. Red flowers such as tulips, poppies and roses should be part of every garden!
    Lucky you with the blue tits!
    I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! Flighty xx

  7. Happy Anniversary, hope you have a great time. We'll be in Brittany for our 4th in a couple of weeks, can't wait to get away.

  8. I love the color red in the garden too! The collage of pics you put together is so bright and cheery. Enjoy your wedding anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary! enjoy!

    Love those hot colored poppies.
    The orange and red are absolutely beautiful! I'm with you I love reds in the garden especially when those Reds are poppies.


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