Monday, 28 June 2010

BBC and the RHS confirm what we knew for ages!

Gardening is good for the health of kids - duh, yep we knew that.
Ecotherapy Rocks once more!!! ;)


  1. Hi Carrie girl .. yup a huge DUH ? on that declaration just as with so many COMMON SENSE ones they suddenly discover ? JEEZ ! LOL
    PS it is raining cats and dogs here right now .. BIG sigh !

  2. Isn't that always the way? Research telling us that the thing we're already doing is good for us! It's like, "Erm, guys, might wanna catch up a bit, eh?" :P

    Still, I'd rather that I suppose than finding out something I was doing for a long time was actually hazardous to my health!

  3. Joy - I KNOW! A degree and writing a paper with pure common sense at it's core seems to make you so clever. Really we're all scientists - where's my PHd??

    Tony - Yep, obviously they have been reading my blog and just wrote it up under RHS and got all the kudos, hehe. I shall expect my invitation to meet the Queen any time soon then.

  4. It needs a big guy or a big corporation to REconfirm century-old belief and understanding... ~bangchik

  5. Why does does it take research and a study costing goodness knows how much to tell us the blinking obvious.
    What they should have said is that it's good for children of all ages! Flighty xx

  6. The article made me laugh a little, Carrie. Some of that stuff is so obvious it's amusing we need research to figure it out! But I'm totally not surprised. I started gardening very young, and it's been a blessing in my life all along. :)

    Ecotherapy does rock!

  7. Isn't it amazing how much money is spent on pointless surveys when often the answers are already accepted fact.

  8. I saw this article online yesterday. I commented to my husband that rather than do a study...all they had to do was ask the kids! I loved gardening as a child, and know that the time I spent gardening with my grandad, set me up to be such an avid gardener now. It's my therapy...if I'm stressed, an hour in the garden, makes all the daily blahs and BS go away.

  9. Mmm - I wonder how many of the researchers actually garden - and what will be done with the findings - build houses with bigger gardens - create more allotments, community gardening spaces. Guess the research will just sit there!


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