Friday, 18 June 2010

As close as I've gotten to the lottie magic

This divine thing was brought home to me about an hour ago - joy heaped upon joys; our first Strawberry!! Well Andrew had one too but as I am feeling so poo with this hayfever he gave me the big one and had a wee tiny one himself....It was GOOD!

I was at our little deli today and asked about local honey. Unfortunately the local source has none. The harsh winter had had a nasty effect on his bees and they just didn't make any beautiful amber honey. He said that the deli is in touch and just waiting hopefully for a phone call someday soon (I'm now anxious for that call too). I have a secret desire to be a beekeeper though - maybe I should look into this, ummmm....


  1. Lottie heaven indeed! I admire your restraint in even bringing it all the way home. Mine just get scoffed in situ!

  2. We had our first strawberries too this week too!
    Can you keep bees on your site - on ours they are not allowed!

  3. I had a handful of mine with my breakfast cereal today! Flighty xx

  4. A gift from heaven indeed. I dare not try growing strawberry in our garden, which is comparable to bringing polar bear here as pet. But we do have papaya ripening from an old tree. And lots of hot chilies, but i can never bite hot chilies like strawberry!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. First strawberry! Glorious magic indeed. :) Glad to see you're enjoying, Carrie, in spite of the allergies.

    And that is terribly sad about the bees. If you become a beekeeper, please share your journey here, b/c I have the same secret desire lurking in my heart. I love the buzzing bees. :)


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