Monday, 21 June 2010

Beclometasone ~ could it be I'm falling in love?

There is someone cutting their grass outside, I can't see them but I can hear them and I've had to close all the windows even though it's roasty toasty today. My nose is sniffily and my eyes weeping - why, why must they cut the grass - do they hate me?, what could I have done to deserve this! Oh! Hahahahaha - I just heard them sneeze - revenge is sweet (and I am evil, hahaha).

I saw my lovely, ever wonderful pharmacist on Saturday monday and she was able to prescribe me a sterodial hayfever nasal spray called 'Belcometasome Hayfever Relief' under the minor ailments scheme. She uses this one herself and says it will take up to 10 days to get working but after that I should be fine. That idea = a happy Carrie.

I was at the lottie last night for 10 mins and ran around taking quick snaps of things and trying to look and appreciate all the hard work Andy has been doing on his own. You have to imagine some sort of frantic car chase music and a human shaped blur (that was me). Things are looking great but as I won't be going too much this week I'll have to spread those photos out over a few posts! I was there 10 mins and it took 20 to recover and stop wheezing again.

Grass has become the new enemy - grrrr. At the moment I hate it more than sawfly and that's saying a lot. It looks so pretty too, I guess that's part of it's evil plan. Well, it's all going from our plot and bark mulch is the way forward my friends. *sniffs* - argh Beclometasone and I will beat you hayfever!!


  1. Perhaps I shouldn't mention that this morning I was admiring all the different grasses that I've got on my plot! Flighty xx

  2. Oh, those evil grasses. And we even eat them! In fact, in North America, the average person's cells are composed of around 60% corn, the most successful tropical grass in the world (in terms of acreage only -- there are many paths to success, of course).

    I do hate it for you, hon, that you're continuing to suffer like that in the heat. I pass you a virtual tissue with aloe in it for your sore nose, and a neck massage thingie that's sat in the freezer for a few hours, so it's cool and soothing. :)

    Crossing my fingers for the beclomatasone to work like a charm!


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